About Epic Safety Production

Our head office is located in Sweden. From here we work closely together with our product development and quality control teams working on-site globally.

Our Mission

The Future of PPE Production

The world is changing rapidly. New demands require new solutions. The speed of new innovations is unprecedented and the possibilities are endless. We work to create the new standard for the Personal Protection Equipment of the future.

Team Background

Our combined experience from working with PPE stretches over two decades.

We are experts when it comes to production and bringing cutting edge innovation to the market. We are a team of seasoned entrepreneurs and experienced product developers.

Our enthusiasm around creating great quality products is what unites us. We love following ideas through from the drawing board, watching them take shape in the factory, take place on the store shelves and get put into use by the end user.

Our head office is located in Sweden. From here we work closely together with our product development and quality control team working out of the factories globally.

What we Stand for


No matter what project or scope. We always want to create something that hasn't been done before. We believe that everything can be improved. Even if it's just the smallest detail, were willing to go the extra mile because we know when it comes to quality, details make all the difference.


We hate working in silos. Great ideas come from unexpected places and conversations. This is why we love to work with likeminded individuals. Good teamwork that creates streamlined workflows is truly energizing and it's what makes us show up ready to work every day.


We do not aim to keep up with the competition. We aim to stay ahead. In order to do this we need to keep or ears to the ground for any new trend and be light on our feet to act when something exciting shows up. And from our years of experiencing this act has become a sixth sense for us.


What types of personal protection equipment (PPE) do you offer?

Epic Safety specializes in a variety of PPE including eye, ear, respiratory, foot, hand, and head protection​​.

Can you assist with both the design and manufacturing of custom safety products?

Yes, Epic Safety offers holistic design solutions from the initial sketch to the final product, including packaging and branding​.

What experience do you have in the PPE industry?

The team has over two decades of experience in working with PPE, consisting of seasoned entrepreneurs and product developers​​.

How do you ensure the quality of your products?

Epic Safety perform extensive quality controls of the entire production batch on-site at their factory partners.

Can you handle large quantity orders and logistics?

Yes, Epic Safety have experience in managing large orders and ensure cost-effective and timely packaging and shipment​.

Do you have a global network for manufacturing and supply?

Yes, Epic Safety have a strong global network of suppliers and factories to help turn ideas into reality.

How do you approach new product development?

Epic Safety emphasize creativity and ideation, combining new materials and production techniques with market knowledge to create innovative products.

What is your approach to research and design in safety products?

Epic Safety maintain a close connection with production facilities to stay informed about new materials and techniques, offering holistic design solutions.

Are your products designed with user comfort and safety in mind?

Yes, Epic Safety focuses on creating products that are not only safe but also comfortable for the end-user​.

Can you assist with branding and packaging for safety products?

Yes, Epic Safety designs solutions include the final product's packaging and branding.

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